2022 (3)

Note: °co-first authors; *corresponding author(s).

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under review [available on SSRN].

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2020 (4)

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2019 (5)

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Featured in Nature Communications Editors’ Highlights

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Highlighted in PNAS Journal Club
Spotlight in Trends in Cognitive Sciences by Etienne Koechlin

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2018 (4)

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2017 (5)

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Media Coverage: [EurekaAlert][MedicalXpress][Science Newsline]

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Media Coverage: [EurekaAlert][MedicalXpress][Medical News Today][Medindia][Psych Central][Science Newsline]
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2016 (2)

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Media coverage: [EurekaAlert][MedicalXpress][DailyMail][ScienceDaily][NatureMiddleEast][NatureAsia][LabEquip]

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2015 (2)

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2013 (1)

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before 2013 (7)

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see Nature Neuroscience News and Views on this paper [PDF]

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